Baoding Eastern Bilingual School, approved by Hebei Provincial Education Committee and Baoding Education Bureau, was founded in 1996. It's a private boarding school, including a kindergarten, a Primary school, a Junior middle school, and an international school.

The school has been invested with 100 million Yuan RMB at present and covers 12 hectares. It has modern teaching buildings, students' apartments, a foreign expert building, a science and technology building, an audio-visual building, a library, a dinning hall, a track and field sports ground with a 400-meter long track, basketball courts and so on. There are 2,503 Chinese and foreign students, and 321 Chinese and foreign teachers. It's one of the larger private schools in China.

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School locates along the middle of the second East Loop Road of Baoding City, only 120 kilometers away from Beijing, and in the economic circle of Bei Jing City. The school is conveniently located near the Jing-Shen Highway. The campus is beautiful and the air is fresh like an ecological garden. A rich cultural atmosphere pervades the school. It's a place that can give birth to great talent.

Our school is based upon the principles of internationalism. Our slogan is "Mixing together the Culture of Ancient and Modern Times; Linking up the Concepts of the Eastern and the Western World; Giving a Chance for Every Block of Gold to Shine". We have cultivated a number of talented, high-qualified students. The rate of our students who are able to pass the entrance examination to high schools has been 100% for years. We have reserved classes, which are for the students planning to study abroad after graduation. Now, 86 students in the reserved class have entered some of the best universities abroad; and at the same time, our school has over 110 foreign students from eight different countries studying Chinese at Baoding Eastern Bilingual School.

Our school's faculty comprises talented and respected Chinese and foreign teachers. At home, we have employed a corps of well-known teachers; and these years, we have invited 82 excellent cultural and education experts from some of the best universities like: Oxford, Cambridge in England, Yale and Harvard in America.

Leaders of each grade have shown much solicitude for our school since it was founded. It has been given the honorable titles of , "Provincial Advance Unit in Foreign Affairs", "Advanced School in Virtue Education of Baoding", "Advanced Unit in Foreign Culture and Education Experts Management",National Excellency in Private Primary and Middle Schools (Chinese Teachers’ Development Foundation, Professional Private Education Committee for the Development of Primary and Middle Schools) ,Hebei Law and Honesty Schools,School Base of Hebei for Chinese International Promotion .


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